Advantages of dating your age mate

Not so fun anymore, is it?

Haters gonna hate.

When dating someone much older than yourself, be wary of their motivation. Did they just get out of a marriage and are simply trying to prove to themselves they still have what it takes to bag a babe? While others may find it creepy, dating someone ten years older or younger could be just what you need to keep the relationship interesting.

Age Gaps In Relationships

While you might be able to keep your man young and modern, he could impart his extra years of wisdom on you, working out a beautiful balance between youthfulness and maturity in the relationship. That is, unless you want to spend every single night of your relationship in your apartment microwaving ramen noodles. Saturday, 19 January at Would you date your age mate?

There is nothing wrong as long as you understand each other.

9 reasons why mature men should date women their own age

Gaining respect is not a matter of age but maturity Age is not much of a determinant Reasons Y u should - my parents did and here I am - now tell me u don't want more of me around. But seriously, aside all d culture BS, don't see any biggie in it. Btw my mom who is 2yrs younger than my dad actually looks 15 yrs younger so overgeneralisation myt be deceptive - imagine my father came on NL b4 he got married n saw dis thread n decided against getting married to my mom - what a loss it would have been, not just for him but for all of humanity.

Well there is nothing bad in it. The most important thing is love.

Relationship Advice: The Pros and Cons of the Dating Age Gap

If they love each other,l think they will conquer. But guys should always bear in mind that girls ages faster than guys. As for me,am 10years older than my girl and we love and understand each other so so much. Op the success of a relationship matters most,if u av well endowed finanacially meaning u can take care of ur family then forget about ageing of ur partner.

Back in the game: dating in your 50s

OP, Hence there is love and understanding, More so, if she is wise enough to make positive contributions to your life, I see no big deal in that. In my next world I will marry someone older than I am with yrs. Because I am over-enjoying my wife who is even a month older than myself. Don't let people deceive you with words like "if there is Love both of you would be ok" my brother it is very challenging and mentally demanding, its also very sensitive because some of her actions would always trigger some stupid feelings.

Well, if u must know Op, I once dated my agemate and it was cool even though it ended.

9 reasons why mature men should date women their own age

Because I am over-enjoying my wife who is even a month older than myself Very mature comment, in my own view i see age as a number and understanding each other matters a lot in any kind of relationship. African mentality is too much on Nairaland.

Pls I need advice.. Nothing is wrong in dating your age mate. It is even good as there will no advantage of seniority in the relationshop. All that matters is love if there is a clare evidence of it.

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Ppl should stop worryin themselves at these types of things Except age is extremely important to you, its no biggie U'ld b surprised dat just as some men want women who totally look up to them Not all men want lily eyed extremely young angels lookin up to them It is posts like this that make me wish i culd click the ''like'' button a thousand times.

You hit the nail on the head man. This is my piece. At some point, you begin to express doubt if the girl is actually Trust me, a smart mature 18 year old will definitely want to date her, not minding she is older.