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A Chinese Take on the Baseball Metaphor for Sex and Dating

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Thanks to Marco from EnglishPod for bringing this interesting cultural difference to my attention! I never heard this in Chineseā€¦..

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So this Chinese base system may comes from Taiwan. I would love to organize a baseball league here, but it would just be too much trouble. Boring game to watch, fun game to play.

But, what do I know? The stories of the something dating scene in China and year-old virgins will attest to the fact that the game is different here. Once that pledge is made, anything goes, and homers await.

The girl might even just balk you forward, or even intentionally walk you to start with since in southern China the guys can be quite shy and passive. May we all live in harmonious times.

Baseball metaphors for sex

Podcast RSS what is the best free internet dating site what to get a guy you're dating for his birthday active dating site uk dating sites in mumbai free dating sites for over 40 australia. What do bases represent in dating.

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