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If you are dating another officer it is usually much easier to arrange your shifts to spend time together. As for cheating etc, well i accept that alot of male police officers do get there fair share of women throwing themselves at them, example from a drugs operation the other night was when my collague was approached by a young lass saying "can i take the police man home and have sex with him!?!

Then again this same question could be asked about Doctors and Nurses, the Airforce etc etc etc.

Hold on. This is important.

I've been dating the same female officer for nine years now and never had any trust issues with her or her with me! I can't answer for the "coppers" in the UK, however, seems to me that "hopping around" from bed to bed is not an issue just with "coppers" but any walk of life! No "thumbs down" from me "Londoner" and I hope that you don't judge all by one's actions!

As for police hanging with only other police The profession demands that officers not go to places where their off duty activities will affect their image or their departments image poorly. As such, going around with other officers is a way to "police" each other! I thought I could trust this one officer and then he made the moves on me. He's married with four kids. Because of what happened I believe that because Cops wear the badge and the uniform they think they can get away with anything, but I know of other officers who are really good and don't cheat on their wives or husbands.

It's a matter of what kind of life they want to live.

Dating a cop? | Yahoo Answers

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He cheated on me very recently.

I gave him another chance. When a cop cheats, he usually cheats with a badge bunny That is a girl who hangs around cop bars or any other place cops are known to hang out at.

Do girls like dating cops?

Being a cop is not the reason for cheating I think that it is just being a man. I worked at 2 different Departments and they were both approx Officers strong. The 1st had basically no cheating going on but the 2nd it was like a National event I know people in most every field of work and it is the same way As a cop will spank and i dont like.

Well I never have before,but I would if the opportunity came. I don't see why not.

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